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A Kaleidoscopic Commercial Capital

Galle Face Green

The Galle Face Green is one of the more popular places in the commercial capital that allows you to take a break from the urban jungle. Moreover, the wide green space also allows you to engage in some recreational activity from flying kites, to playing cricket. Couple that with the exquisite street food on offer along the coast and it becomes the perfect place to relax before heading back to Lake Lodge for the night.

The large space is ideal for your family and friends to kick back and take in the great atmosphere of the city. The evenings are considered to be the ideal time to visit, especially if you are curious to try the delectable street food!

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A Look into the Galle Face Green

  • The Galle Face Green was once a part of the ramparts of the Colombo Fort, which was transformed into a promenade by the British during the 19th century.
  • In the past, the area was used as a venue for horse races and as rugby grounds, until it was declared open to the public for recreational purposes.
  • Food lovers should try the street food from the local vendors; namely, isso wade or kottu.
  • Taru Villas - Lake Lodge is just a six minute drive from here.

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