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In Sri Lanka, there are many things one can do to make a good impression …. but leading that list is the distinction that comes with being known for throwing a memorable event!

The admiration and fondness felt towards anyone that hosts a well put together event is almost unmatched when it comes to ‘kudos’ rankings. If you are one of these special people, then your guests are forever grateful and in awe… and those that missed out… once they hear about it (and they undoubtedly will)…. do what they must to be included next time.

This rule of thumb applies to ALL events, whether small and intimate, large and formal, or that third category – which let’s face it many Events actually fall into – the “large yet intimate” affair. 

These days we tend to choose who we consider to be our “family”… and this re-definition can often lead to a larger number of attendees than we first thought. But the good thing is – however you get to your guest list, you have already decided WHO you want at your event. That is the second most important decision you can make… because the right crowd does set the tone.

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If deciding, who will come to your Event is the second-most important decision you will make, what is the first?  Location of course! A Destination Event  is most appealing when the location you choose is a beautiful one that gives your guests an additional excuse to extend their stay a little longer to explore the location themselves, hang out with you, or just relax.

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Sri Lanka is a paradise Event destination as it offers everything you could look for in a location – intimate venues close to the beach, heritage or wildlife, amazing food, friendly people, an interesting culture and year-round “Summer”…almost.

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The surroundings are perfect for all occasions and will surely set the tone you need for the event and the days surrounding it. If you speak to the Taru ie team, they will be able to help you with anything you may need for the occasion.
An event at Taru Villas includes everything that is great about Sri Lanka… multiplied by infinity. It’s a big claim, but one that many a previous guest has made themselves. The hospitality is second to none, the food is better than anything your guests could imagine, the surroundings are delightful in every way and the overall atmosphere will perfectly reflect exactly what you are looking for.
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so why wait?
Get in touch with the Taru Villas team now and secure both your Event Stay…. and the start of your reputation of being the most exceptional host!

Your friends, family and guests will thank you and then remind you of the one-of-a kind, experience of a lifetime.

If that sounds aspirational…trust us, it is possible, and at the very least you will create an event that people will be talking about for years.

A Taru Villas Event Stay really is a win win!


Add an Event Stay to your Sri Lanka getaway. Let us help you however we can.

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Consider a Whole Villa booking to host your Event Stay. The Taru Villas Team can help you find the right Hotel/ Villa to host the Event and to accommodate your guests.
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Looking for someone to help you organise your event? Taru ie can design, conceptualize and coordinate your event and provide a comprehensive service down to the finest detail.


Host Your Event at any of the below Hotels/ Villas. Choose your venue and then Contact Us or Enquire about a Whole Villa booking

Lake Lodge

Location, style and luxury for less


Rock Villa

An Enchanting, Tropical Escape


The Muse

Inspired Style & Discreet Service


The Long House

Exquisite Space & Exceptional Service


River Cottage

A Haven of Peace & Privacy



Small is Beautiful at this Perfect Beach Hideaway


Seventy 7 at Leyn Baan

An Oasis in Central Galle Fort

Galle Fort

LightHouse Street

Style and Character in the Heart of Galle Fort

Galle Fort

Rampart Street

Step into Romance & History

Galle Fort


Relaxed Charm & The Perfect Ocean Bay


The Tangalle Social

Beach Club Pitstop By Day, Blissful Retreat By Night


Yala Ruhuna

Your Private Jungle Oasis