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10 Reasons to Have a Villa Stay Holiday

What’s the difference between staying at a popular resort versus a beautiful villa in Sri Lanka when you’re on holiday? We’ve got the low-down.

1. Privacy

When you’re finally able to take off work and escape for a few days, you are looking for a decent amount of peace and quiet. Often times, at large hotels in Sri Lanka it is rare to find a spot to yourself, a “little slice of heaven” where you can set yourself down with a good book or just lay down for an undisturbed nap. Given that villas in Sri Lanka have far fewer rooms, you are more likely to enjoy your well-deserved break with few interruptions and end your holiday feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and in most cases wanting to stay an extra night (or two!).

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Taru Villas – 906, in Hikkaduwa, and Taru Villas – River Cottage in Bentota, might be the best options for those looking for that added element of privacy as both 2-bedroom villas are sold for the private use of one party.

2. Service

The Service Staff at Villas are trained to anticipate your wants and needs. You don’t have to stress out about shooing away turn-down service while enjoying a long hot bath, and at most boutique villas staff tend to go the extra mile to ensure that you are quite spoiled.

3. Curated Meals / Customised diets

Dining at Villas are actually one of the finest experiences to have because they tend to personalise their services down to the detail, especially when it comes to food. Dietary restrictions can easily be accommodated, and the food served is always fresh!

Taru Villas – Rock Villa has set the benchmark for the industry with regards to the food that they serve, and this high standard has been upheld at all properties in the Taru Villas collection.

4. Bespoke Activities

Learning how to cook a traditional Sri Lankan rice and curry or a quick surfing lesson can be easily be arranged. Most villas will also have their own bespoke experiences, so be sure to check with the staff to ensure that you don’t miss out.

5. Security – Keeping track of the kids

In order for a family to have fun, it is important that they feel safe in their surroundings. With fewer strangers milling about a much cosier environment, parents can feel more secure about their children moving about the Villa. Villas are also located in secluded, residential locations away from the glitzy, busier parts of town, and staff are always vigilant, especially when kids are around, to ensure that they remain safe.

6. Finding the perfect spot by the pool

Ever zipped across a busy hotel restaurant to the pool area only to find the best sun loungers already taken? That feeling of disappointment is a thing of the past at a Villa. There will always be the perfect spot available to you to luxuriate in the sun while you’re waited on hand and foot.

Taru Villas – The Muse and Taru Villas – Rampart Street each have its beautiful pool set in a tranquil garden setting.

7. Group holidays

Family reunions and spontaneous trips with friends are the best! Depending on how raucous your group could be, taking out a whole Villa is the best way to enjoy the utmost privacy and space to be yourselves and let your hair down.

8. Living among the locals

Villas are typically located in more residential areas, away from the hustle and bustle of town. When you stay at a Villa, venturing outside the compound immerses you in the day-to-day activities of the locals and instantly connecting you with the culture.

9. Flexibility

Staying at a Villa gives you the flexibility of choosing what’s on the itinerary or relishing in not sticking to a schedule at all! Villa staff are ever-willing to accommodate special requests, making your stay more personalized, and inevitably more relaxing.

10. Exclusivity

Villa stays aren’t just luxurious; they are extraordinary. It provides you with a unique way of experiencing the country you’re visiting as well as ensuring that you can do what you want, when you want to. The photos captured and memories made will be incomparable to the ordinary tourist adventure.