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Benedict by Name

The exact origins of the now staple breakfast item known as Eggs Benedict is one shrouded in myth and mystery.

There are those that speculate that because of it’s use of Canadian bacon and English Muffins it is a somewhat traitorous dish to Americans and is thus named after the notorious historical figure Benedict Arnold.

A more popular subscription is that in 1894 Lemuel Benedict, a stockbroker, wandered into the Waldorf Hotel looking for a hangover cure and ordered “buttered toast, poached eggs, crisp bacon and a hooker of Hollandaise”. The maître d’hotel was so impressed with the combination that he modified the order and added it to his menu.

Yet another version credits it to Pope Benedict XII, who apparently had an obsession with this specific meal and ordered it so often that it became associated to him.

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The speculation goes on, but however it got its name, one thing remains unquestioned – it is now a globally adored breakfast favorite.

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Guests from around the world are treated with a most wonderful version of this favorite at Taru Villas properties and the constant request for it has made it a permanent fixture on the breakfast menu. Many even see it as the perfect go-to for brunch – suitably balancing the perfect amount of nourishment that this mid-morning meal asks of it.

Being well traveled herself, Taru brought inspiration from varied eateries around the world and created a recipe that is both unique and delightful for guests.

In fact, Eggs Benedict (sometimes referred to by guests as “Eggs Benny”) is such a prominent feature on the Taru Villas menu that Taru personally teaches the chefs at all 12 properties how to make it perfectly. When trade testing a new chef, Eggs Benedict is always on the list of items tested. It’s THAT important to us!

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So whether you are; a true international citizen who enjoys the fusion of elements, or looking for the perfect hangover cure or even just like to take every opportunity to order a comfortable fave – Eggs Benedict awaits you at any of the Taru Villas properties. Do yourself a favour and come and try it.