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Chef Rohan

Rock Villa’s Chef de Cuisine

There’s no denying that Sri Lankans love a chat & getting to know the Taru Villas staff is one of the most memorable parts of many guests’ stays. The intimate size of our properties allows curious guests to really get to know the individual team members, should they wish.

Former guests who have stayed in Bentota at either The Muse or Rock Villa may recognize Chef Rohan’s smiling face as he has worked with Taru Villas since our inception in 2002. Rohan shares his love of cooking with several members of his family, including his brother Dilan, who runs the Taru Villas kitchen at Lake Lodge in Colombo, and after leaving school he knew this was the career he too wanted to pursue. His first job was in his home town of Nuwara Eliya, but he soon relocated to Colombo where he joined Taru, and the two of them have long shared a passion for flavorful & comforting food.

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Taru regularly brings foreign chefs to Sri Lanka to inspire and challenge her culinary team and Rohan always looks forward to these experiences as he broadens his skills & repertoire. He in turn trains many other cooks across our 12 properties. His contributions to Taru Villas are many but notably include introducing Mustard Fish Curry, Crab Lasagna & Wood Apple Ice Cream to the menu.

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One of the best examples of Rohan’s tenacity, passion & creativity in the kitchen is his rendition of Hainese Chicken Rice. Having never seen or eaten it before, he was taken to Colombo to sample it.


He went back to Bentota and for weeks, like a man possessed, made version after version until he had nailed the recipe perfectly! One of our directors says it is the best Hainese Chicken Rice she has ever eaten, and she’s tried some of the best Singapore has to offer.

During the years Rohan has worked with us, he met and married his sweetheart (who also works for us at another of our villas) and had three sons who are now all very familiar with our Bentota properties, having grown up right next-door and been a part and parcel of the evolution of Taru Villas.