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Future Travel in Sri Lanka

Stay at Home Now for Travel in the Future

Last Updated 28th April 2020
Life as we know it has been suspended, as the world unites to lockdown and tackle the Covid-19 pandemic. As we take a step back and adjust to this new but temporary reality, we all contribute to protecting the most vulnerable in our communities, and to bringing forward the day when we can return to a more familiar way of life. The joy and wanderlust that travel can bring depends on how judiciously we “stay at home”, now.
Meanwhile what we can do is to find inspiration from the idea of travel, and we can continue to learn about and discover new cultures and new places around the globe. Sometimes the research, planning and anticipation of travel can be nearly as rewarding as the holiday itself, so it is no wonder many of us are using the lockdown to dream up exciting new adventures for when we are able to resume travelling. Our Reservations Team at Taru Villas have received a few enquiries already about the practicalities of planning & booking a holiday to Sri Lanka later this year, so for those considering it, we thought to try and answer some of your questions.

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Our advice will be updated as and when the situation progresses, so do check back regularly for updates.

Read on to learn our Top Tips for travel plans in 2020 and beyond:


Monitor Global Travel Advice
There are many unknowns at the moment. However, as nations respond differently to the outbreak, it is likely that recovery will vary based on the actions that are taken in each one. At the moment we believe that entry requirements will be based on the country of origin, with possible health checks on arrival, leading to self-quarantine for some. We recommend keeping an eye on government and other reputed tourism websites for each country. Our official “Visit Sri Lanka” website has useful daily updates on the current local situation and can be found here.
Equally as important is checking how your chosen accommodation provider is responding to Covid-19. What special measures have been put in place to protect you, staff and other guests?
Read more about what we are doing to protect our guests and hotel teams here.


Predictions For Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka has taken early decisive action, with enforced curfews to restrict the movement of people and the spread of Covid-19, before it overwhelms the healthcare system. This also includes the closure of our international ports. It is likely that these curfews will remain in force until the end of April. At this moment we are unable to say when airports will fully open again for international arrivals.
In the meantime, the main airport for international arrivals (Bandaranaike) is preparing plans to ensure the safety of arrivals into Sri Lanka once restrictions ease, with disinfectant and screening procedures for all passengers and crews.


Look for Flexible Travel Policies
With advice likely to change as the Covid-19 situation unfolds, and so many variables to account for, it is important that booked holidays offer flexible terms, with options for date changes etc. When choosing accommodation, we recommend you find out what special policies hotels have introduced and the period within which bookings maybe rescheduled.
Do remember that rescheduling a holiday rather than cancelling it outright helps to support the global travel industry and the millions of employees who are reliant on it for their livelihoods.
We have introduced a Book with Confidence Guarantee’ which includes a free change of date up to 48 hours prior to arrival for stays on or before 30th November 2020. Contact us to learn more.


If You Are Considering Booking a Holiday
Booking or even rescheduling holidays gives us hope and something to look forward to. Even if a holiday is postponed, you’ll still continue to support the industry and those that are dependent on it. Take in the advice above, read and research your destination, and monitor the situation.
If you are looking for holiday inspiration, don’t forget our Paradise Island has earned some impressive accolades recently, reaffirming the country as a “must visit” destination. In 2019, Lonely Planet voted Sri Lanka as its ‘No.1 Destination’, followed by Forbes who gave Sri Lanka the nod for the ‘Best Destination for Safaris Outside of Africa’.
It bears repeating that Sri Lanka’s tropical climate, white sandy beaches, incredible cuisine, natural wonders and ancient culture make for a varied and thrilling holiday. Despite all of this exotic abundance, tourism in Sri Lanka is still a low-key affair, meaning you’ll often find yourself alone on the beach, or one of a handful of lucky visitors in our Small Boutique Hotels & private, serviced Villas – a welcome prospect in an era of Physical Distancing.
Sri Lanka will be ready to welcome you back soon, whenever and however that may be, but for today, please stay at home so we can all travel again, tomorrow.