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People Who Should Visit Sri Lanka Now

Given that Sri Lanka is offering a FREE on-arrival visa for tourists from 45 countries, thus making a trip to Sri Lanka more appealing for citizens of these nation states, one could be forgiven for assuming that this list is going to be no more than a list of the 45 countries included in this offer – but the truth is now is the time for so many people to visit, no matter what country you have your passport from…. So lets take a look and see if you fall into one (or more) of the categories listed below:

(oh and by the way – we do also include a list of the 45 countries whose citizens have had this benefit extended to them, so do look out for it at the end).

Whatever you fill in as your current status on social media….

  1. In a relationship
  2. Single
  3. Married
  4. Engaged couple
  5. Baby Moon(er)
  6. Families
  7. Empty Nester
  8. Grandparent
  9. Retiree
  10. “Actively seeking new friendships”

Sri Lanka has so much to offer you… Get to know your better half as you go on Instagram-worthy hikes, incredible train rides and discover the island (and more about your travel companion!!!). If you know all you need to about your partner and kids – and just want to find an itinerary that keeps everyone entertained then add a little zip-lining, beginner surf lessons, whitewater rafting or visits to turtle hatcheries. Sri Lanka will keep the kids in wonder and tire them out enough so that you can relax with some cocktails by the beach in the evening. Meanwhile, relaxing is exactly what you will need to do if you are on your “Baby Moon” awaiting the arrival of your baby or alternatively if you are an Empty Nester, having spent the last chunk of your life helping your kids to manage their lives… This paradise island is the perfect place to take time out to chill out – either by the beach in Bentota, by the Mawella Bay or sipping Ceylon tea right in the lush hills of Sri Lanka.

Speaking of accommodation, however you define your level of travel

  1. Luxury
  2. Budget
  3. Whole Villa
  4. Student travel
  5. Group travel
  6. Explorers

Sri Lanka has accommodation options that will suit both your personality and your budget.

Whether its backpacking your way around the island, enjoying streetfood, staying amongst the locals, or setting out on a pilgrimage or cultural tour with a group, Sri Lanka offers itineraries that get you the best deals on accommodation. Speak to Taru Villas about helping you organise a specialised itinerary that ensures you get the most out of the time spent here. A jam-packed itinerary may not be your thing if you are looking instead to organise a vacation where you set the pace, with days alternating between bespoke activities and ultimate comfort. If you are looking for Privacy, comfort, luxury and the freshest most delicious food you can indulge in then the Taru Villas collection offers whole Villa bookings where you and your people can ramp up your days at a level that suits.

However you like to get around

  1. Running
  2. Walking / Hiking
  3. Swimming
  4. Train Travel

There are scenic running tracks around the city of Colombo where you can ensure you get your routine run in at any time of the day or night or perhaps you prefer the pace of a walk or stroll along the beach, the heritage sites or simply exploring the city streets. There is so much to experience in the way and the pace that you prefer. If swimming is your thing – then speak to Taru Villas about the seasonality of the beaches to ensure that you are visiting them at the best time to enjoy ocean swims or surfing. Choose the place to go where the tide is best for kids or when the sand, grass or poolside is optimal for working on your tan. If train travel has always seemed appealing, the train routes in Sri Lanka are some of the most beautiful in the world. Take the train to the hill country, through old pine forests and foggy tea estates or along the coast and be blown away. It is also possible to catch a train to the south coast where Taru Villas – The Long House, Taru Villas – The Muse and Taru Villas – Rock Villa are all perfectly placed, so that when you get off the train you can easily get to the start of your relaxing stay.

No Matter your interests:

  1. Shopperholics
  2. Foodies
  3. Chefs
  4. Adventurers/ Explorers
  5. Surfers
  6. Artists
  7. Respecters of beautiful Architecture and Design
  8. Sightseers

Perhaps you are a keen shopper with a good eye, then Sri Lanka offers both many popular name brands to artisan Sri Lankan handicrafts and contemporary art to take home as a souvenir. If food is more your currency then tuck into a variety of deliciously mysterious Sri Lankan cuisine and its delicacies! From appetizing streetfood to sumptuous 7 course meals, we have something for everyone. If you enjoy learning how to recreate the flavours you have tasted on the Island, then delve into local wares, learn from home-cooks and world-class chefs. You may want to consider some of the Taru Villas ‘Cooking experiences’ or simply travel around the island and be inspired by our fresh and unique produce and cooking practices. However you learn it – becoming a Master Chef is only a trip away.


However you like to capture the moments

  1. Photographers
  2. Video editors
  3. Instagrammers
  4. Writers

Sri Lanka offers so many beautiful backdrops to your memories that no matter your preferred method of capturing these, you will be wanting to share what you have on film or on paper with all those you love. Be prepared for all your social media posts to be well received and ‘liked’. Even the most amateur of photographers and videographers ( their phones as their ‘equipment’ of choice) are able to walk away with a library they can be proud of and recall for a #TBT for years to come.

No matter how many times you have been

  1. First Time Visitors
  2. Returning guests
  3. Diaspora

That’s the thing about Sri Lanka… you just cannot get enough of it. Something about this island keeps drawing you back. Perhaps it is the pace of life here that allows you to stop and smell the spices in the air. Reuniting with friends that have become family during your last visit.. Taking in the incredible views atop the Sigiriya Rock or watching the sun set on the ramparts of the Galle Fort – they never lose their splendor. Try Taru Villas -Rampart Street or Taru Villas – Lighthouse Street for that perfect stay in Galle Fort. If you re planning a trip in the latter part of the year, then speak to the team about the possibility of staying at the new addition to the Taru Villas collection – Seventy 7 at Leyn Baan.

Whatever your preferred cuisine is

  1. Curry tasters
  2. Fans of fusion
  3. Lovers of Tea
  4. Cocktail samplers

Traditional Sri Lankan Rice and Curry beloved by locals and visitors alike can be sampled islandwide with taste variations according to locality! Sample rich Jaffna flavors in curries in the North of the Island or even indulge in modern twists on local favourites in Colombo at trending restaurants. Rooftop bars are all the rage in the city or go on a quirky “local haunts” walking tour and experience some of the local hot spots with lots of character and characters!

Those who like different adventures

  1. Bird Watchers
  2. Groups of Friends travelling together
  3. Reunion attendees
  4. Safari goers
  5. Sports enthusiasts
  6. History buffs

Forbes recently listed Sri Lanka as the next best destination for safaris outside of Africa, where you can spot leopards lazing on low branches or majestic elephants bathing their young at the watering hole. Sri Lanka also is a sweet spot for diving from Nilaveli to Negombo burgeoning with marine life and mysterious old wrecks waiting to be explored.

Perhaps your idea of heaven is an uninterrupted day out on the links – Sri Lanka is home to three of the finest 18 hole championship Golf courses in Asia.

With local history dating back as early as 547 B.C. expect to find the ruins of old kingdoms, temples and early settlements.

Oh yeah….. and the citizens of the following countries – all of whom are invited to visit Sri Lanka NOW – while the Visa on-Arrival fee is being waivered….

  1. Australia
  2. Austria
  3. Belgium
  4. Bulgaria
  5. Cambodia
  6. Canada
  7. China
  8. Croatia
  9. Cyprus
  10. Czech Republic
  11. Denmark
  12. Estonia
  13. Finland
  14. France
  15. Germany
  16. Greece
  17. Hungary
  18. Iceland
  19. India
  20. Ireland
  21. Italy
  22. Japan
  23. Latvia
  24. Lithuania
  25. Luxembourg
  26. Malta
  27. Malaysia
  28. Netherlands
  29. Norway
  30. New Zealand
  31. Philippines
  32. Poland
  33. Portugal
  34. Romania
  35. Russia
  36. Singapore
  37. Slovak Republic
  38. Slovenia
  39. South Korea
  40. Spain
  41. Sweden
  42. Switzerland
  43. Thailand
  44. United Kingdom
  45. United States of America

It really is the time to come to Sri Lanka! We look forward to welcoming you soon.