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The New Kid in Town.

“Pink is the new dark when it comes to chocolate.”

Yes, you read that correctly, pink chocolate is a real thing and contrary to what you may imagine, Ruby’s color is as natural as her brothers – white, milk & dark. Ruby chocolate draws its pink hue entirely from the red bean of the cocoa plant – specifically the cocoa plants grown in Ecuador, Brazil and Ivory Coast. These plants contain naturally occurring chemical compounds absent in beans cultivated elsewhere.

Callebaut, the largest cocoa producer in the world, says ruby tastes like “a tension between berry fruitiness and luscious smoothness.” It’s also been described as being tart and fruity; reminiscent of a berry you’ve never tasted before; and entirely mind-blowing. Others still describe it as having notes of lemon and cherry.

While there are chocolate purists who debate the classification – some of these are still grappling with the concept of “dark” and “white” – most chocolate lovers who have tasted Ruby, are delighted by this new taste. Japan, South Korea, the UK and Australia were the first countries to get a supply of Ruby chocolate for sale to the public. The limited supply in the rolling launch has meant that there is a waiting list of chefs and chocolatiers in Europe begging to get their hands on the stuff. It’s been described as the most exciting thing to happen to chocolate in more than 80 years.

Incredibly, soon after Ruby chocolate made its debut, Taru managed to get her hands on some. She then adapted a Nigella Lawson dessert favourite, replacing core elements of the recipe to reflect the flavour of the new main ingredient and created her own taste sensation.

Taru first showcased the ‘Ruby Chocolate Cheese Cake’ at a special friend’s 60th Birthday held at Rock Villa. It was a talking point of the event, with guests loving the flavours of this special new dessert creation.

The Ruby Chocolate Cheesecake is expected to be available through Taru Villas with adequate lead time, when the occasion calls for it.

Look out for Ruby on your next travels.