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Welcoming you Back with Safe Hands

Following guidelines from the Sri Lankan authorities, we are now ready to welcome back international guests to our collection of small boutique hotels and luxury villas across some of the most captivating locations in Sri Lanka.

Continue reading to learn more on how to plan your holiday in Sri Lanka with Taru Villas and how we’ll protect you during your stay as part of the Safe Hands Pledge.

Your Accommodation

There is no minimum stay requirement to visit Sri Lanka though you must stay in a ‘level 1’ hotel or private villa for up to 14 days. You are free to move to other level 1 providers within this period though we recommend staying for at least three days in each location. We have already received level 1 approval for most of our locations. Contact us to learn more.

Curate your holiday to Sri Lanka with our Taru Villas’ concierge service. Contact us today!

Online Visa Application

We recommend applying for your visa at least two weeks before arriving in Sri Lanka. You will need a reservation confirmation at one of our level 1 hotels or private villas before applying for your visa. Learn more about the visa process here.


We are required to arrange your transport to and from airports within Sri Lanka. As part of the reservation process we will discuss your requirements and arrange transfers in private air conditioned vehicles meeting the strictest hygiene and safety protocols.


Designated national parks, archeological and cultural sites are open for you to discover and explore as part of your holiday.


Depending on the length of your holiday, you may be required to undergo a further PCR test. We will discuss this with you as part of the reservation process and arrange testing on your behalf.

Your Health

We have partnered with healthcare providers to arrange on-call doctors across all our locations.

Contact our concierge team now to learn more about pre-arrival requirements and to start planning your luxury holiday in 2021 with Taru Villas.

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The Safe Hands Pledge

The introduction of the Safe Hands Pledge is our resilience posed by Covid-19 to ensure that guests and colleagues stay safe. These protocols follow the latest regulations and safety guidelines from the Sri Lankan government and international agencies.
As part of this pledge, we have gained accreditation from a respected UK consultant specialising in travel safety for Covid-19 compliance to instil the fullest confidence with our guests and partners. Learn more about this accreditation here.