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Slow road travel experience with Taru Villas

After traveling through the many vacation spaces you would have experienced across your lifetime, a luxury holiday in Sri Lanka with Taru Villas encourages you to immerse into Sri Lanka’s authentic side.

With exciting and joyful experiences that not only assures well-being, but impacts your connection to Sri Lanka that lasts longer than the memories that you once have of racing from one tourist hot spot to the next.

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So when you think of taking it slow and experiencing Sri Lanka’s biosphere reserve, the team at Taru Villas will craft an ideal holiday itinerary that includes slow travel excursions such as the Kanneliya Rain Forest Reserve, situated in the southern province in the Galle District.

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Approximately one hour’s drive from Taru Villas – Rampart Street in the heart of Galle Fort, a signboard navigates away from the main road to the the Kanneliya Conservation Centre where a nature trail of your choice with the trekker begins.

Identified as one of the most floristically rich areas in South Asia; this forest region is the last remaining large rainforest in Sri Lanka, other than the Sinharaja Rainforest. Designated as a biosphere reserve in 2004 by UNESCO, the Kanneliya forest reserve is home to many endemic plant and animal species. Kanneliya tropical rainforest that harbours a large number of faunal and floral species while providing home to a range of unique microhabitats. 7 percent of lowland endemic floral species confined to this forest area, and 41 species of endemic fauna take refuge there.

Of the 319 woody plants recorded in the forest reserve, about 52 per cent are endemic. A wildlife trekker will walk you through the forest, pointing out any animal sightings along the way. The forest boasts a diverse range of flora and fauna. You might see monkeys, snakes, chameleons, extensive birdlife and a vast range of tropical trees, plants and flowers.

Banana Granola made with Kithul Treacle, from our breakfast menu.


‘’Most notably the scenic trail the forest offered, the highlight, was the Anagimala Fall, with cascading waters. Here we were in the heart of the rainforest, nature surrounded us and surely Sri Lanka should be known as the emerald isle, as it was lush,inspiring and so peaceful, and it was at its best,” states Tharindu Amunugama, a recent guest who stayed at Taru Villas – Rampart Street – a luxury boutique villa in Sri Lanka.

All it takes is a shift in perspective and mindset to get started. And the only perspective is through Taru Villas for a more authentic natural experience to enjoy Sri Lanka in true sense.

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Banana Granola made with Kithul Treacle, from our breakfast menu.

By Mahika Chandrasena – Taru Villas