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Top 10 Attractions for Families in Sri Lanka

Will children like it? Surely every question a parent will ask when booking a family holiday to Sri Lanka. Just going to another country is a fascinating experience for most children, but it’s good to know that there are special, unique and carefully crafted curated experiences for all ages to look forward to and indeed leave with memories for a life time.

We suggest our top ten kid friendly attractions for a Sri Lanka family holiday.

1. Visit the Sea Turtle Hatchery

For many people, holidays in Sri Lanka begin at Taru Villas – Rock Villa in Bentota. A fifteen-minute drive to the Kosgoda Sea Turtle Conservation project aims to protect sea turtle eggs and increase hatching rates. The team from the project patrols the beach all night looking for mother sea turtles that come out of the ocean to lay their eggs. The nocturnal sea walks to experience a turtle release ticks off the bucket list for sure.

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The experience involves learning about the conversation effort before viewing the hatchery. You may even be lucky enough to see turtles being released back into the ocean.

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2. Underground cave in the Kanneliya Rainforest Tour

Regarded as one of the most amazing and bio diverse areas in Sri Lanka, Kanneliya Rain Forest is a must for children to experience. A dedicated guide will you to explore the UNESCO-listed biosphere reserve, also home to monkeys, snakes, chameleons, and a wide range of bird life. Learn about the flora and fauna through commentary tailored to your interests and enjoy plenty of chances to ask questions. Approximately an hour’s drive from Taru Villas – 906 in Hikkaduwa.

Learn more about Taru Villas – 906 here.

3. Whale and Dolphin watching in Mirissa

Approximately an hour’s drive from Taru Villas – Tangalle Social, this family adventure is a must experience in Sri Lanka. The trip on the boat with the professional crew will not take you far off shore but the prospects of photographing Blue Whales, Byrde’s Whales, Fin Whales and Sperm Whales and the much-loved Dolphins Spinners, Bottle Nosed and or even Risso will be definitely on the cards.

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4. Game Safari in Yala

Enjoy an exclusively private jeep safari for all the family when you stay at Taru Villas – Yala. The jeep safari will take you into the Yala National Park, a dry zone with grassland and lagoons bordering the Indian Ocean, in south east of Sri Lanka. It is home to wildlife such as leopards, elephants, sloth bears and crocodiles, as well as hundreds of bird species.

Learn more about Taru Villas – Yala here.

5. Surfing lessons in Hikkaduwa

A thrilling surfing experience in the impressive spots in Hikkaduwa, a beach walk away from Taru Villas – 906. Between December and March the seas are calmer, perfect for beginners to learn with experienced instructors in the tropical turquoise waters.

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6. Water skiing in the Bentota River

The waters and its surrounding in Bentota is the ideal location for a safe and secure water-skiing experience. With the absence of large boulders and other obstacles, the plain stretch of water at Bentota is the perfect spot for children to learn with a professional instructor.

Taru Villas – River Cottage is an overwater two bedroomed villa set on the bank of Bentota River and will be the ideal holiday home for your adventure filled family vacation.

Learn more about Taru Villas – River Cottage here.


7. A visit to the magnificent rock temples of Mulkirigala

The Mulkirigala rock temple family excursion is an experience that joins history with nature and provides it a real local touch. Starting with a short drive from Taru Villas – Mawella, one of the best luxury boutique hotels for families in Sri Lanka, you’ll reach the foothills of this famous temple. Founded on a 673ft (205m) rock, the monastery consists of seven cave temples in five different terraces. All five terraces and their temples are easily accessed via granite paths and steps-even if you’re willing to labour a little to make it to the peak for an awe-inspiring view. After witnessing an amazing sunset, you will carefully descend the rock with the help of the guide.

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8. Interactive Tea experience

After an authentic and hearty Sri Lankan breakfast at the Taru Villas – Rampart Street, experience a half day tour of the Handunugoda Tea Estate, the only tea estate and factory surrounded by an evergreen forest in the Southern Province and situated in the coastal belt of Sri Lanka. Handunugoda Tea specializes in the artisanal manufacturing tea and is one of the handful of estates in Sri Lanka exporting high-quality luxury teas to global markets. Learn this art with the itinerary covering a walk-through tea bushes, visit the processes of tea and ending with a tea tasting session. All guests are welcome and encouraged to share in the beauty of Ceylon tea.

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9. A cruise down the Hamilton canal

Taru Villas – Riva in Negombo is a fifteen-minute drive to this waterway and a short drive to Bandaranaike International Airport, perfect for families to recover after a long haul flight.

This 14.5km canal promises a historical journey commences from the popular seaside village of Negombo, aboard well-equipped boats with safety gear and knowledgeable personnel at hand. The first leg of the cruise is on the calm waters of the historic Hamilton canal. Take a leisurely cruise that goes past the homes of the fisher families situated at the edge of the canal; get a glimpse of the adults at their various chores of getting ready with fishing nets for the next sail, while little children smiling playfully wave at the passing boats.

Enjoy the serenity and cool breeze as the boat takes you down to the beautiful Maha-Oya. Benefit from some relaxing moments at the wetland watching the monkeys, water monitors and an abundance of birdlife such as Egrets, Herons Kingfishers and Cormorants. After an intriguing 2-3 hour boat ride head back to Riva with good memories and plenty of beautiful snapshots to take back home.

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10. A visit to Hummanaya Blow Hole

Just a short drive from Taru Villas – Mawella, discover Hummanaya Blow Hole, considered to be the second largest natural blowhole in the world, this is must-see experience and suitable for all ages.

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It really is the time to visit Sri Lanka with your family! We look forward to welcoming you soon.