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Wildlife Safari

“It’s a Jungle Out There…. and I Love It!

As a child I was always fascinated by stories of the jungle. “Tarzan” and “The Jungle Book” were my windows to the beauty of Sri Lankan wildlife. As a child I wanted to be ‘Mowgli’ and experience the mystery and wonder of the untamed jungles for myself, and now I live that dream as a Naturalist showcasing the beauty of Yala National Park.

At a young age I became an avid observer and this drove me to become a bird watcher. Different colors, shapes and calls transported me to another world. Even after many years I can still remember the exact place that I saw some species for the first time.

@kasun Priyankara 2018

As a young man, my friends would know that I was in the jungles and far from “civilization” if my mobile phone was switched off. I was regularly out of reach. I now know the peace to be found within and amongst the myriad sounds of nature to be calming for the spirit and soul, and also hugely addictive. I can never tire of being in nature.

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Back then my motive was to have “been there & done that” and I traveled far in order to accomplish this. I journeyed through every jungle, to every mountain and every waterfall to witness the great beauty our country has to offer. I immensely enjoy every small detail of the creation of Mother Nature and I ensure I take time to admire it. I prefer to call myself an admirer of nature rather than a naturalist.

From today I will be bringing you my breathtaking wilderness experiences through our Taru Villas “Our Stories” page.


Join me on my safaris through wild Sri Lanka! If you want to see and experience nature with your own eyes, I’ll gladly show you the roads..come and join our next game drive at Taru Villas Yala!

While I wait for you to join me, let me share a couple of pictures of friends who are looking forward to seeing you too……