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Exquisite Dining in Galle

Seventy 7 at Leyn Baan offers your own private, fully equipped kitchen, allowing you to grab some fresh local fruits, vegetables and more and whip up your favourite dishes, by yourself or with the assistance from our chef. Should you prefer to enjoy your holiday away from the kitchen, our attentive staff will be happy to cater to your needs. Those with a thirst for culinary adventure can explore the other restaurants within the fort or simply head over to one of our other villas to enjoy unique dining experiences.

Curated Dining at TARU

Dine at one of our villas in Rampart Street or Lighthouse Street to enjoy a uniquely curated dining experience.


Create your Dish

Source fresh produce from a local market and prepare your meal in our fully serviced kitchenette; we’ll be happy to assist you.

Ask the Chef

At an additional cost, we can provide a chef to prepare your meals!

Dine Out

Explore the flavours of the fort and dine at one of our other villas within the fort, either at Rampart Street and Lighthouse Street to experience gourmet food at its finest.