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Taru Villas
Welcome to our wellness luxury boutique hotel in Habarana
Welcome to Taru Villas


Beyond a narrow, wooden bridge set discretely above the clear, flowing waters of a local stream, an elevated central pathway parts the surrounding wilderness and draws you into the scenic luxury of Taru Villas - Maia. A fresh interpretation of old-world Sri Lankan architecture, Maia weaves with its canopied corridors an enchanting rustic oasis through the forest and fields of Habarana until it reaches the calm, glistening waters of the Habarana Lake, where one can clearly take in the awe-inspiring sight of Pidurangala Viharaya and the Sigiriya rock fortress.

The latest addition to the Taru Villas collection and one of the best hotels in Habarana, Maia beckons those who crave adventure and the serene privacy of nature. Our spacious rooms provide a safe haven of luxury isolated from the outside world and enhanced by the soothing sights and sounds of local wildlife. To satisfy your lust for adventure, our team offers a wealth of knowledge about our property as well as the surreal experiences to be had outside, from touring the remains of Sri Lanka’s ancient kingdoms to witnessing one of the biggest gatherings of elephants anywhere in the world. From a regal infinity pool to a soothing array of wellness facilities and specialised fine dining that nourish the body and mind, there is a lot that distinguishes Taru Villas - Maia from other hotels in Habarana. We invite you to experience it all.



Indulge yourself in the tranquil luxury of our Superior Rooms and Premier Chalets, surrounded by acres of rural farmland and soothing sounds of nature.

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Tour to Sigiriya Rock

Arrive at the top of a near 200-metre ancient rock fortress to take in spectacular views and timeless works of art.

Minneriya Elephant Safari



Enjoy a dining experience combining the best island flavours and spices.



Historian or adventurer, a host of exquisite touring experiences await you during your stay with us.

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Minneriya Elephant Safari

Witness one of the largest gatherings of Asian Elephants anywhere in the world.

Tour Sigiriya Rock

Ascend nearly 200 metres to explore the unique art and architecture of a fabled rock fortress.

Tour the Sacred City of Anuradhapura

Be enchanted by the sacred monuments and cultural heritage of Sri Lanka’s first ancient capital.

Tour the Ancient City of Polonnaruwa

Wander through the gardens of the royal palace, explore the surrounding monastic landscape, and tread on the shores of vast, man-made water reservoirs.