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Sri Lanka warmly welcomes all types of travellers from around the globe to immerse in the wonders of the island. Taru Villas creates the perfect getaway to suit your travel needs, with a touch of local heritage, hospitality and cuisine. Whether you’re searching for the best beaches in Sri Lanka to soak up the sun and work on that glow or looking for a quiet respite away from the hustle and bustle of the city; experience it all when you stay at Taru Villas.

Peace and Tranquility

Find your inner peace in cosy confines and resplendent views. Explore More

Beach Holidays

Experience the Indian Ocean and pristine beaches like never before. Explore More

Safari Adventures

Enthral at the sight of exotic flora and fauna. Explore More

Old World Charm

Discover the island’s history and charm. Explore More

Taking Care of You

Relax and relish with our discreet service. Explore More

Heritage Homes

Experience the best island hospitality with a touch of heritage. Explore More

Romance Your Soul

A romantic getaway for couples to celebrate love on the island. Explore More

Culinary Journeys

Embark on a gastronomic adventure and treat yourself to exotic island cuisine. Explore More


Tie the knot in paradise; the perfect beginning for a happily ever after. Explore More