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Grand colonial monuments stand to tell tales of the Old world.

Colombo Fort

The modern-day Colombo Fort is a cosmopolitan haven that acts as the main economic centre for the entire city. However, the area is also known to be one of the few places in which you can witness the city’s heritage, especially in the form of the colonial buildings and monuments scattered about in the area. Whilst also being the central business district, the area is also home to the city’s main transport hubs; the main bus station and the railway station.

Spend the latter half of your day or early hours of the morning exploring the busy fort, whether you’re travelling with friends, your partner, or yourself. Taru Villas - Lake Lodge is conveniently located less than 10 minutes away.

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A Look into the Colombo Fort

  • The Old Parliament and the Central Bank of Colombo are also two important complexes that showcase how some heritage points still function in a similar manner since its establishment in the 19th century.
  • The Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct in Colombo Fort is a popular shopping and restaurant hub that allows you to enjoy some of the best Sri Lankan and international cuisine.
  • Lake Lodge is a 10 minute drive from Colombo Fort.

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