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Narrates the tales of the ancient kingdoms that thrived before.

Colombo National Museum

The Colombo National Museum is the epicentre of history, as it serves as the primary repository for many artefacts and scriptures that explain the ancient tales of the island. When you’re staying at Lake Lodge, plan to spend a few hours strolling through the museum in Colombo, as it’ll allow you to momentarily escape the hustle and bustle of the city and step back in time.

Visiting the museum with your family members, friends and even your partner would certainly not disappoint, as the museum possesses an eclectic combination of features that attract any and all individuals.

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Blue Whale skeleton
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A Look into the Colombo National Museum

  • The Colombo National Museum is home to some of the more prominent artefacts in the whole of the island, making it one of the more comprehensive museums of the country.
  • The museum is divided into several sections including natural science, cultural galleries and a gift shop.
  • One of the many exciting artefacts that are on display is the full skeleton of the Blue Whale dangling from the ceiling.
  • The museum provides detailed narrations on the several kingdoms that thrived, along with the European powerhouses that subsequently seized control of the island.
  • Taru Villas - Lake Lodge is less than a five minute drive away.

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