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Wellness Pavilion

Our Wellness Pavilion is where you can go to elevate your sense of inner peace and spirituality. Take a leisurely stroll to the far end of the central raised pathway, where you will discover the vast, circular space of the pavilion warmly lit by a tropical sun and amply shaded by a lush canopy. Experience an enriching sense of peace and tranquillity as you take in the simple, earthy tones of the Pavilion, and the soothing sounds of leaves rustled by a gentle wind or wild birds tweeting cheerfully in the distance. Enjoy a communal session of yoga or meditation to actively relieve tension from your body and mind, spend quality time alone with your favourite book as you recline on one of the Pavilion’s wooden benches, or engage in your favourite solo wellness ritual. Whether you are with family, friends, or yourself, our Wellness Pavilion can only enliven your luxury wellness retreat in Habarana.