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Minneriya Elephant Safari

Unleash the nature lover in you with a mesmerising tour of one of Sri Lanka’s great national parks. The Minneriya elephant safari is your ticket to witnessing one of the largest gatherings of Asian elephants anywhere in the world, feeding and frolicking about by the banks of the Minneriya reservoir. Enjoy the dazzling sights of other resident wildlife from Minneriya while you tuck into some lightly packed snacks and refreshments. From peacocks, eagles, parrots, and hornbills to deer, buffalo, wild boar, crocodiles, monkeys, and - if you’re lucky - even a fox, your Minneriya elephant safari is destined to be an unforgettable wild adventure.

Before Embarking On The Minneriya Elephant Safari…

  • Distance from our property to Minneriya National Park is 17 kilometres
  • You can choose between a morning safari at 06:00 AM or afternoon safari at 01:00 PM
  • The largest elephant gathering usually happens during the afternoon safari
  • Our team is always happy to help you with prep, transport, and other logistics

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