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Sacred City Of Anuradhapura

Take a scenic tour through the rich history and cultural legacy of Anuradhapura, painted, sculpted, warred over, and ruled for a thousand years as Sri Lanka’s greatest ancient capital.

Visit the hallowed grounds of the city’s towering ancient stupas and monasteries, built over centuries by the ancient kings. Behold some of the most breathtaking sculptures and statues of the Buddha, whose philosophy and teachings are deeply revered and followed to this day. Get acquainted with a local monk to acquire hidden knowledge about the city. Stroll barefoot through the sandy grounds of an ancient temple for a moment of quiet respite and meditation. The sacred city of Anuradhapura is a must see for all who visit Sri Lanka’s cultural triangle.

Before You Visit The Sacred City Of Anuradhapura…

  • Best time to visit is early morning before the heat of the day sets in
  • Pick up plenty of snacks and refreshments from us before you go
  • Distance from Taru Villas - Maia to Anuradhapura is 56.8 kilometres
  • Our team is always happy to help you with prep, transport, and other logistics

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