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The Property

A narrow wooden bridge transfers you over a gently flowing stream and into the serene world of Taru Villas - Maia, the beginnings of your scenic holiday in Rajarata. From here, a central raised pathway, lined with freshwater ponds, leads you through the wilderness and connects you with the elegant luxuries of the property, from the main lounge to the fine dining restaurant, infinity pool, a circular, well-shaded space for meditation, yoga, or light reading, and your choice of Superior Room or Premier Chalet. Conceptualised as a space for wellness, the design extracts contemporary luxury and sophistication from the raw materials of the region.

Taru Villas - Maia is every inch a luxury boutique hotel as it is an homage to the ancient monastic legacy that surrounds it. We warmly welcome you to experience the epitome of what a luxury vacation should be in the land of the ancient kings.

Art and Architecture

A modern interpretation of ancient Sri Lankan design

Unassuming Luxury

Exquisite comfort and elegance pursued to the finest detail

Personalized Service

Customised features and facilities to suit your personal taste

Heritage Made Tangible

Embracing the rich heritage of Sri Lanka’s cultural triangle